Giving Away Free Xbox Live Codes Upto 12 Months

This is not a joke nor is a hack or generator involved, just plain old giveaway. Every day we upload new code cards to our website’s database for people to grab. A lot of people get their code cards from us.

In return, we don’t want anything from you! This is all on us, and we like making people who can’t afford their membership/simply don’t want to spend money on it happy.

How To Participate In Giveaway

We also have a official Giveaway page that gives you a head-start when 12 month Xbox live gold membership for free are being released so that you can always be the first one to grab them. This shouldn’t be necessary though because 99.9% of the time we have codes in stock.

So just don’t hesitate and get your code right now! They aren’t just two week free trials, in fact, they are real Xbox membership gift cards.You can find a redeemable code guide here at Xbox’s official page:

Why are you still reading this post? You don’t have to search around google “how to get free Xbox live codes” because now you’ve found the site that will keep you supplied for life! Just go ahead, if you haven’t done it already that is.

Click on which code card you want – either three month or 12 months. Then share our facebook page (write something nice please :)).

Next, like it. Then go ahead and click on proceed. If you’ve done that you will see a pop-up open that starts searching for the codes that have been used (because our site is used a lot). Once it finds a free code, then you can grab it!

Be sure to check out the video that shows how to do it (if you’re having trouble) exactly. Keep in mind that we have updated our site and it might not look exactly like the one you see in the video.

Everything is straightforward though, and you should have your code within five minutes. If you have any problems with the site, then please look at the video once more and try to do everything as shown. If problems still occur, please contact me.

A Xbox live code generator is a fantastic way to obtain online access to your new Xbox 720 or 360.

Microsoft’s Xbox live has many advantages like communicating over Skype, playing online multiplayer games, receiving premium entertainment apps,  using Internet  Explorer on your TV and much more. The codes for Xbox live are completely free and randomized; therefore no codes will be used more than once.

Free Xbox Live Codes

This website does not offer you a “Xbox live trial code,” but only one type of real Xbox live card. We figured out that the one month code was not worth it, so we only offer the 12 month Xbox live gold membership for free.

A lot of people have been asking how to receive free Xbox live gold codes, and we found the solution. Click ‘Generate’ at the bottom to obtain your unique code.

Get your Subscriptions

Once you click on ‘Generate’ a random XBL code will be offered to you. Once the beta is done, we will start to ask users to complete small tasks or pay a monthly fee to fund the website operation.

You redeem these gift cards like you would redeem any gift cards on any of your Microsoft products. If for some reason the codes do not seem to work, please try to click on the big blue button to receive a new one.

Those codes are all worth 60 dollars, please do not abuse them, and use them for personal use.  Also, if you want some more free items, please make sure to take a look at our central blog Generate!




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